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A massage cushion for massaging your legs

After a lot of exercise or sports, you urgently need a massage, the legs often feel tired. It is wonderfully relaxing to enjoy a massage with the Comfy cushion. The calves, back of the thighs (hamstrings) and thighs (quadriceps) can be treated very efficiently.

You should always treat one leg at a time and place your leg between the massage ‘heads’. You can gently press the cushion on the front of the thighs, where you can easily adjust the intensity yourself. About 10-15 minutes per side ensures good stimulation of blood circulation and the removal of waste products.
Afterwards, your legs will feel a lot more comfortable, just like after a real massage.

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Topnotch! The use is great, it relieves the pain. The cushion was delivered quickly and efficiently.

Janke kloet

A fantastic product, well worth the money! Fast, good delivery. I wanted the massage cushion within 4 working days: after telephone contact with an extremely helpful gentleman, it was sent the same day... and another cover could also be arranged.

Helma Meijerman