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Massage and heat cushion with infrared heat

Infrared is a non-visible radiation that emits heat. It resembles the radiant heat of the sun. The heat that comes from infrared has many positive influences on the human body. The heat coming from the infrared cushion stimulates blood circulation and increases the heart rate. As a result, waste products are expelled, and metabolism accelerates.

Infrared heat is the best and most effective way to heat parts of the body. Using an infrared cushion works in the same way as an infrared sauna, for example. An infrared cushion is a lot more targeted, you choose a specific area of ​​your body that you want to focus on. With an infrared cushion, the radiant heat goes deep into the muscles, which further increases the effect.
Just like a massage, infrared heat releases endorphins. This hormone is the ‘happiness chemical’ of our body. In addition, it helps to relieve pain, swelling in the muscles, tension and stiffness.

Infrared cushions, therefore, have a lot of positive influences on your body. The combination of infrared and massage mechanical heads works great. The double action allows you to reach your goal even faster, whether that is relaxing or solving muscle problems.

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I enjoy a good, firm massage. The heat that comes with it is also nice. A good cushion to use on the sofa...


It is my second cushion: works great for me. Great service. Very fast delivery. Very satisfied with the cushion and the service.