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Massage cushion for neck and shoulders

Massage cushions are not only ideal for back massage, these cushions are also perfect for the neck and shoulders. People often suffer from a stuck neck, for example due to an incorrect sleeping position or working position. If you suffer from the muscles in your neck, this often causes headaches or other complaints. If this continues for a long time, it can lead to tension headaches.

A massage cushion for the neck ensures that all muscles are completely loosened. This also allows all waste products that were stuck in the muscles to be properly removed. A massage cushion for the neck works best when circular movements are made. The roller massage is the most commonly used massage technique. This ensures that the muscles in the neck are massaged loosely and it stimulates blood circulation and tissue. This massage technique is very relaxing and can help reduce stress.

Comfy kussen - Massage nek en schouders

In addition, endorphins are released during a massage, also known as the ‘happiness chemical’. This also applies to a neck massage with a massage cushion. To massage the neck, it is best to use the Comfy cushion while lying on the couch or bed. You then place something behind it, for example your own cushion, so that the cushion is slightly inclined. This ensures that the neck falls exactly into place and you are wonderfully relaxed because you are lying down.

Shoulders are best massaged while sitting on a straight chair, because this massage often feels a bit harder. You can then easily move slightly forward or backward to adjust the intensity of the massage yourself.

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