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Massage cushion for treatment of your back

Massage is a technique that has been used for thousands of years to treat all the muscles in the body. There are special massages specifically aimed at the back and for good reason. A massage cushion for the back is in high demand as it is one of the most common problem areas.

Many people suffer from back pain. Massage cushions solve the pain complaints. Even if there are no pain complaints, but there is a need for a relaxing massage for the back, a massage cushion works well. A massage cushion is suitable for treating the lower back as well as the upper part of the back and shoulders.

The most common complaint areas where a back massage cushion is very effective are stress, pain or discomfort in the vertebrae and when the body position is out of balance. It soothes the pain and loosens your muscles. Many people suffer from nagging pain in the lower back or tight, severe pain in the upper back, often near the shoulders. Muscle knots in the upper back are often the cause of the pain. Back pain is often caused by incorrect posture or overexertion during sports or physical work.

For the back, the Comfy cushion is best used while sitting, both on a straight chair or on the couch at home. If you lean back a little more, the massage becomes firmer and if you move the body a little more forward, the massage becomes softer.

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The best thing I ever bought for myself, I now get rid of my back problems. The cushion was delivered very quickly.

Johannes Oomen

I don't have the best back and this pillow really helps to make the part that is not fixed a bit more flexible!

A. Vos

The cushion for the construction workers... Being a construction worker myself, this is the equivalent of getting a massage from a physiotherapist, but in your own chair at home (great!!)

Wil van Sambeeck