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Massage cushion to massage and warm up your feet

The Comfy massage cushion is also excellent for the feet. Wonderful for tired feet, but also great for cold feet.

Sitting on the couch, place the cushion on the floor in front of you or next to you on the couch, and place your feet on the cushion. If your feet are tired, try to find the most pleasant feeling, this differs from person to person. The massage buttons do the work for you.

In case of cold feet, place the cushion in the same places, but with socks on. It is advisable to first let the cushion run for 10 minutes, so that the infrared buttons warm up properly.

Naturally, you use the Comfy Supreme at the back, because it heats up to 42 degrees in the highest setting.

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I am a very satisfied customer. The fur cover is super soft. The cushion works fine. Good email communication about the purchase of the cushion and the color of an accompanying cover. The cushion (standard with cord) was excellently packaged, including a 2-year warranty certificate.


Wonderful, everyone enjoys it!

Surya Hardjosusono